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Tyneside Women’s Health runs a low cost counselling service which is provided by a team of volunteer counsellors.

We ask women to make a donation, based on what you think you can afford per session. We suggest somewhere between £3 and £30 and the Counselling Coordinator will discuss this with you when we are able to allocate you to a counsellor.  Please note, if you are unable to make a donation, you will NOT be turned away from our counselling services.

We encourage you to discuss your counselling needs with your GP first, if you feel able to do so. Your GP can refer to you to a whole range of general and specialist mental health services, so talking openly with your GP may help you to access the service that is right for you first time round.

Counselling is accessed by an internal referral system so please speak to a member of staff who can help you with this.

Please also download our leaflet which tells you a bit more about our service and what you can expect from counselling:  


Download our Counselling Leaflet