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Your Words

We use this section to highlight any specific pieces of work that women have created at or inspired by Tyneside Women’s Health. If you have anything that you wish to contribute please let us know.


In the words of our women

Parenting is hard. Parenting and battling mental health is even harder. Remember no parent is perfect and everyone goes through difficult times. Unfortunately we go through it more than others. Reach out for support and never feel guilty or ashamed for doing so.


It's hard when you have a young child who needs constant looking after and wants to go to places such as soft play and the park when all you want to do is hide away from the outside world. However, fresh air is amazing 'medicine' and not often realised until you're out in it. Being around people without needing to communicate can be helpful as well as being a distraction. What can you hear? What can you see? What can you smell? What can you feel? Can you taste anything? Live in the moment and give yourself a break.


Sometimes children are easier to look after and entertain out and about rather than at home when you're having a bad day.


Children are the best at helping you progress further in your recovery. My child is the reason i wake up in the mornings and the person most likely to put a smile on my face or laugh even if it is for a few seconds. They help us get through the days.....one at a time.


There are days where you just want to run away from everything including the kids and these are the days you need to reach out for support. Build a support network and use it.


Be proud of yourself!

You're not alone!

You've got this!


Signed....the recycled teenager.

Women who attended our Newcastle Routes to Recovery & Beyond Course have the following words to share:

When things go wrong just sing a song

When the road is long

When the moon is low

When the sun is high

All I want to do is sit and eat pie

And you have to wonder why


Life is wonderful

And everyone is fruitaful

And many a women are beaut ‘a’ ful


You can reach for the stars

So don’t give up your dreams

You can just carry on

Keep on singing this song


Often things can be hard

Even if we try our best

Things look like we’re just being put to the test


Keep going keep going

You will succeed


Do whatever it takes

Even when you feel like you might break

Keep looking for the positives in life (whisper, they are there)


Change is coming, as is women ruling the world

And doubt us not

You will see with your own eyeeeeees

One of our service users would like to share her daily mantra with you all...

Today I will Triumph

No thing and No one

Will stop me being a


This poem was written by women attending a Creative Writing Workshop called ‘Feeling Better About Our Bodies’. This poem is called ‘We want you to know’ all the women attending agreed that they wanted to share this positive message. It’s a message for all women, of any age. It’s a message for you.


Dear Child

We want you to know;

The truth about body image.

Men and women are equal.

What you do is more important than how you look.

Do whatever makes you happy.

There will always be someone who’ll like you for who you are.


Dear Teenage Girl

We want you to know;

Everybody is different,

You don’t need to look like everybody else.

You don’t have to try to be perfect.

Life is about what you want to be,

Not how thin you are.

Take off your make up,

Take off your Spanx,

And then you are, and always will be

You look beautiful.


Dear Woman

We want you to know;

Magazine messages tell us

What we should be like.

It’s not real.

Or it’s a reality none of us can attain.

All bodies are beautiful.

Believe in yourself and in

Your right to be

Who you want to be.

You look great exactly as you are.

As much as you can

Make your life full of what makes you feel good.

Don’t worry about hairy legs and VPL’s.


Dear Mothers

We want to you to know;

Just be yourself after pregnancy.

Accept your body the way it is.

Its ok to be whatever size you are if you are happy.

Now is the time to take care of yourself,

Because you cannot give if you have nothing left.

Mother’s hard work day after day is what keeps

The whole world going.

We thank you.


Dear Older Women

We want you to know;

You lucky person!

No more periods!

Dye your hair pink

And go wild.

Do all the things you promised yourself you’d do,

And never got round to.

The world needs your wisdom,

We respect you.


Dear Elder Women

We want you to know;

Accept your wrinkles!

You are an inspiration to us all,

You are valued for who you are and

Your life experiences.

Thank you for all you have given

Throughout the years

Positive Notes regularly performs at public events to help raise awareness of mental health issues to the wider public. Positive Notes can be booked to perform at your event.

How to book us:

We do not charge for the performance but we need you to cover our transport expenses and our conductor’s fee.

If possible, we will put out our donation buckets!

For further information contact Kathryn on 0191 477 7898

Positive Notes has also a CD recorded which is available for sale at £3

I am a service user of TWH. I started going when my son’s support worker referred me. I have suffered from mental health problems for more years than I’d like to remember. In fact I can’t remember a time of not having difficulties even from a child. My childhood is probably to blame/contributed towards my now difficulties and problems. Regardless of the reasons I suffer from the most awful illness imaginable, it impacts daily on life and waking minute whether you want it or not. I’m not ready to stand in front of you to talk so that’s why Mandy is reading it.


I have been a member for about 2.5 years. These past two years has had its up and downs but I’ve managed not to end up in the Hadrian Clinic with the support and groups I’ve accessed, which is a major achievement. It’s not easy and not a magic wand but I feel TWH has been excellent in its all entirety, every part of it works and staff are more than friendly. In my experiences normally you’re in the Hadrian Clinic, then AD Service and then left there’s no long term care I just feel crisis management and counselling is what’s offered. TWH gives you understanding of your illness, support around it, a safe environment, friendships, learning and activities. It’s focused around you and your choices, all individual. I feel it’s an organisation which is invaluable to its users. Over the past 2.5 years instead of not functioning and not managing and reaching crisis, with TWH’s help I have been a mum, a carer and discovered myself as a person and an individual. I have learned about my illness, coping strategies and made friends, enjoyed activities and found HOPE when I felt it impossible. So it’s given me a FUTURE instead of wanting an end.


Jane Harrison

Once upon a time, seems long ago, I was a dutiful daughter and a super efficient, hard nosed manager, in short I was in control. Then my mother died and I lost my job... and I was nothing.


Oh I appeared on the odd course as various characters, but none of them suited and I couldn’t keep them up for long. I was still nothing.


Then my GP put me on CBT, and the therapist saw straight through my outstanding act (I thought) and suggested I come here.


Flipping cheek!


I knew exactly what was wrong with me and what I SHOULD be doing to fix it, Thank you very much.

However it was something to do, and they did have a craft course.


Well I had a shaky start (after all I did know best) didn’t these people realise I wasn’t like them. They insisted on being nice to me and treating me like a normal person, very strange. Then something even weirder happened I was on an anxiety course and found myself in a Stephen King book, we were all sharing thoughts and feelings... and they were the same. This was not on at all, I was supposed to be alone after all I was the freak, right.


What was worse I started making friends... proper ones, ones I didn’t have to try with, ones that didn’t want anything from me but friendship, and they actually seemed to like me for me. Obviously they needed help, but I went with it waiting for the `catch`.

Anyway one day while I was still trying to come to terms with this strange situation Lu asked me what I wanted from the next course, and I told her to go back to being like I was, she told me that it would never happen WHAT after explaining and giving me something to think about, I think I actually went through the whole grieving process for the old me.


This was the point I started to accept. I accepted maybe the people here weren’t being nice to me because they had to. I accepted my new friends may actually like me. And I accepted a new me may be better than the old one.

By Lorraine

TWH, My Personal Experience


I wasn't at all sure I was in a good enough place to start at TWH.


Almost a year later, I am so much stronger than I was. I feel like a part of the furniture!


I can't speak highly enough of the staff who are always there to support us.


Amongst service-users, there are many colourful characters, some of whom I share a special bond with, that will last forever.


Many thanks to all.

By Mel

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