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Meet the Team

We employ a team of facilitators who work on a sessional or casual basis. We have a team of trained counsellors who work on a voluntary basis.


The core staff members are:

Lucinda Boocock

Mental Health & Welbeing Worker

I facilitate courses like Anxiety Management, Coping With Depression, Positive About Me, Mood & Food and Better Out Than In (Anger Management). I am passionate about supporting women to feel more in control of their mental health and more positive about themselves.


Lauryn Thamaraksagul-Wandless

Receptionist & Administrator

I'm the first person you will meet or speak to when you contact Tyneside Women's Health.  I oversee all reception and administration tasks. 


Rebecca Reed

Mental Health & Wellbeing Worker

I deliver some of the groups and courses at both of Tyneside Women's Health Centres. 



Katie Robinson

Mental Health & Wellbeing Worker 

I facilitate the drop in at Newcastle and some creative groups as well as mental health courses.



Elaine Slater

Chief Executive Officer

It is my responsibility to ensure that all of our services run smoothly by supporting the facilitators and administration staff behind the scenes.  If you would like to come and discuss any areas of improvement, areas of good practice or any suggestions you might have about new things we could try, I will be happy to listen.


Heather Field

Mental Health & Wellbeing Worker


I facilitate some of the creative groups and other activities at Tyneside Women's Health so you will see me there!  



Steph Mann

Team Lead

I provide Line Management support to all of the Mental Health & Wellbeing Workers. I offer some mental health and wellbeing interventions to women, usually through email and phone calls.


Sophie Burke

Mental Health & Wellbeing Worker

I facilitate support groups for women over 60 and I'm also responsible for the creative and therapeutic activities timetable. 


Georgia Ingram

Mental Health & Wellbeing Worker

I deliver some of the mental health courses at TWH so you may see me in the Centres.