Routes to Recovery & Beyond


To help you maintain your wellbeing and explore your future progression, we offer a mixture of group work and one to one sessions. Usually these sessions work best when you have already accessed some of our other services such as support groups, counselling or mental health courses. We are able to offer a series of workshops to covering topics such as:

  • Goal Setting
  • Problem Solving
  • Coping with Change


We aim to help women reach their goals, which can be as individual as you are! Some examples might include volunteering, education, community involvement or paid employment.

We also offer some internal progression routes for women who wish to get more involved in our services. Please have a look in the Service User Participation section for more information.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning – A 4-5 week course aiming to help women maintain their wellbeing by recognising triggers and putting things in place to reduce the impact of these. The whole course is aimed at helping women work towards long term mental health recovery and ongoing management of mental health symptoms.