Partnership Working

Tyneside Women’s Health firmly believes that in order to support women to improve and maintain their emotional health and wellbeing, we must work with other services and organisations in the community. We have a long history of joint working and inviting external facilitators to visit groups to talk provide specialist support e.g. around debt or sexual health. We are also committed to providing support to other organisations when our capacity allows.  

If you wish to discuss ideas on how your organisation and ours can work together for the benefit of women with mental health issues and vulnerable women in Tyneside, please contact us to share your ideas.

Our Current Partners include:

Wise Steps

Wise Steps is a partnership programme led by the Wise Group and funded by Big Lottery Building Better Opportunities and the European Social Fund.

Tyneside Women's Health is a specialist provider on this programme and can offer support to women only across Tyneside helping them to improve their mental health, develop confidence, learn coping techniques to manage mental health conditions.

Key services available most suitable for this programme include:

Positive About Me Confidence Building 10 week course to help women improve their confidence and assertiveness skills.

Better Out Than In 10 week course to help women understand, manage, and express their anger.

Ways to Wellbeing 10 week course covering topics such as physical health, sleep, stress.

Routes to Recovery & Beyond comprises of Wellness Recovery Action Planning, a 5 week course to help women recognise their mental health triggers and put plans in place to manage their own mental health on a long term basis.  Women are also offered additional workshops around goal setting, managing change, and action planning.

Various social and creative interventions are also available including:

Weekly drop in sessions

Weekly creative groups

Fortnightly Sunday Lunch Group

Please contact us to make referrals into this service for the women you are supporting.

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Fulfilling Lives

Fulfilling Lives is an 8-year programme funded by The Big Lottery, seeking to help people with complex needs to better manage their lives by ensuring that services are more tailored and better connected to each other. Tyneside Women's Health employs two Service Navigators as part of this programme.

Fulfilling Lives Newcastle Gateshead helps those people who often spiral around the system(s), are excluded from the support they need and experience a combination of at least three of the following four problems:

  • homelessness
  • re-offending
  • problematic substance misuse
  • mental ill health

Fulfilling Lives Newcastle Gateshead sees people for the potential they have, not for the problems they face. The programme offers opportunities for service users to have a voice, as well as training them as peer evaluators and to co-design the way the programme is delivered through the Experts by Experience (EBE) group.

At the end of the 8-year programme, in 2022, the aspiration of the programme is for it to be self-sufficient: continuing to run as an independent structure headed by the Experts. 

The longevity of the programme and level of funding allows real opportunity to make a serious impact upon the lives of people with complex needs living in and between Newcastle and Gateshead.

There are a further 11 Fulfilling Lives programmes across England.

For further information please contact Lindsay Henderson, Fulfilling Lives Programme Manager on or to find out more visit 

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Oasis Aquila Housing

Working together to support victims of domestic abuse as part of the Gateshead Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub. Our shared expertise means that women considered as low or medium risk can be supported to leave abusive situations and rebuild their lives.

Curiosity Creative

Our partner organisation, Curiosity Creative is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in the North East of England and is the North East Digital Story Centre, dedicated to the creation and archiving of digital stories in the region. Please also ‘Like’ on Facebook and follow on Twitter @Cur_Creative  We have worked together and plan to work together on several projects including:

Wor Women on the Home Front

Wor Women on the Home Front is a partnership project between Tyneside Women’s Health and Curiosity Creative. The project aims to explore the roles of north east women in the First World War. Please find and ‘Like’ the project on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @WorWomen The initial project is now complete, and we are embarking on an exciting second phase of the project to explore the leisure activities that women pursued during wartime!

Story Box

A new project to record and preserve the personal stories of people in Newcastle is being launched.

The Story Box, created by North East based Curiosity Creative, will collect personal stories from hundreds of people in Newcastle. The stories will be brought together in an online archive and kept for future generations to listen to, capturing a slice of the city’s history.  

As the lead, Curiosity Creative will be working with five partner organisations to help gather people’s stories: Tyneside Women’s Health, Newcastle Youth Offending Team, The Grange Day Centre, Launchpad, and Crisis Skylight Newcastle.

Changing Lives - Women’s Community Hub

A weekly group hosted at our Gateshead Centre and co-facilitated by Changing Lives, Tyneside Women’s Health and the National Probation Service to support women involved in the Criminal Justice System.

Lindsay Hannon

Lindsay Hannon provides support to Positive Notes Singing Group. Lindsay also sings with a pop band called Iceni and a jazz band lhplus.

Both can be found on Facebook or Twitter @icenimusic @Lindsayhannonpl or feel free to visit their websites   or

Gateshead Library

Gateshead Library co-facilitates the Book Group with Tyneside Women’s Health, a monthly group for women to come together and discuss the common books that they have read.

Worker’s Education Association

Worker’s Education Association (WEA) provides courses and learning opportunities in community venues across the UK. Tyneside Women’s health and the WEA work together to provide ‘Crafty Women’ courses in Gateshead, which help women to develop their creative skills.